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Thread: Game won't start

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    Default Game won't start

    I've just downloaded ACEonline and installed it with ACEonline(, however, when I start the game a small patcher window opens and closes instantly. I've tried running compatibility mode for evert windows out there and reinstalling the game on different disks as well as restarting my pc.

    I'm on Windows 10
    Gtx 1070
    I7 7700

    Please, if anyone has any information I would be thankful

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    These forums have no support and almost no one reads them, so it's going to be hard to get help. The first thing to note is that AO is optimized for Windows XP, so it can have a lot of problems on newer Windows. It's actually possible that something is crashing it, though. I'd probably try to check the Event Viewer in the Administrative Tools folder of your Control Panel first. If something is happening to it, you might be able to check in the Windows Logs>Application section, or in the Overview page under the Error events. It could be that your firewall or virus checker is killing it too, so you could try to disable those. Don't worry, it's not a virus, just a crappily made program. I can't think of any specific causes of a crash like this at the moment, I wish I had a list of them. Sorry if it's not that helpful.

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