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Thread: Blocked account - no way to get it back ?

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    Exclamation Blocked account - no way to get it back ?

    Hello there !

    My account was blocked 2 days ago, i had no reason given...
    The problem is that in order to get it back they first advice to change pw... and if it doesn't work to contact the customer support : how do i get in touch with them ? How do i get an answer ?
    I can't create a ticket from my blocked account, since it's blocked....
    I tried everything I could but I'm not aware of what i can do.... I played fairly to the game and there is no reason i am blocked...
    My 98 magician will thank you ! (And i can offer a eoa H if someone helps me getting my account back within 3 days ????????)

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    try creating another account and send ticket from there

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