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Thread: Events Are Poorly Implemented

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    Default Events Are Poorly Implemented

    While the events are cool and a nice touch to the game, they are extremely poorly implemented. Take for example the latest event with Santa Goblin. The monster spawns in every hunt map, including lowest level maps. But the monster is extremely high level, and kills low level players with one hit. Even on my 6x characters I am having a hard time surviving when multiple Santa Goblins swarm at once. This has made the game completely unplayable for low levels until the event is over, which is not fun at all.

    Another example is the mini boss event, where extremely high level mini bosses spawn in even lower level hunt maps. For Morion 4x skill tier quest, I had to go to Oasis to kill monsters, but mini boss event took over entire zone with high level bosses that kill in one hit. So I had to just stop playing, as I could not advance the quest.

    It would be much better design if the monsters scaled their levels and drops with the zones. But as that might be too much work, the easiest solution would be to restrict the monsters to high level zones only, so that the correct level players can enjoy the event without ruining the game for low levels.

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    Default Valento server is non-event

    hey PunkFunk
    for that reason Suba normally excludes Val server from events..
    so at least there is one server you can use for quests without mini bosses or other event mobs
    ign: mulatto / livnletdie
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    Oh, thanks for the tip! I didn't know since I never played on Val. In that case, I guess just ignore everything I said.

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