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Thread: The sole Focus on the mywowgold wow classic gold

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    Default The sole Focus on the mywowgold wow classic gold

    My guild is most likely only going to Classic wow gold craft all of it and then we will skip farming the venom sacs, we'll see how that works out.

    Getting your melee/casters piled with NR helps reduce the demand for sacs. We have already been 1 phasing Visc and never utilizing sacs as a guild, but each of our melee went in with as much NR gear that they could bring.

    Need it? No, but the NR/Stam pieces are extremely nice to swap around to get melee on Visc and get rid of any green gear you had. I am still crafting Bramblewood helm/belt/boots for my rogue. Helm remains an excellent slot +10NR enchant.

    I spent 3 weeks farming CH rep when Zg came outside to get the trailoring patterns, but maybe not had to await phaes 6. Flying down there now to get these.

    Same, and I was buying librams for pennies in hopes that Savage Guard would be coming out also. Just can't win on the economy with dumb, unannounced patches such as this.

    Can anyone confirm that you still need an Arcanum of Focus/Protection/Rapidity in order to get these enchants? I purchased the sole Focus on the Buy wow classic gold industry yesterday, and saw the other two radically rise in cost and lower in stock.

    Why does blizzard call everything hotfix? How is it a hotfix.Hotfix can pretty much means anything done server-side while the game is live that doesn't cause any downtime or client upgrades.

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