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Thread: Level 16 mission - not available

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    Exclamation Level 16 mission - not available

    I was level 16 and have been given my next mission as Lv16[Main] Desert Survey (easy) = Mass Biochemical Crisis - Victory in Acid Reign....

    It would not unlock as I had not done Waste Management(easy) - so I bought an level unlock card - this had no effect and can't use it.

    Another gamer advised its only unlocked at level 18 ???

    I tried manually starting Mass Bio' - Waste -- but easy/normal are greyed out and Hard requires Lvl 18/level 4 weapons as advised... (I'm not that brave yet)

    Thought to report it as its a mission progression blocker.
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    Default got to level 18...

    As additional information...
    Got to level 18, did the mission with a few other players on HARD and finished ok (barely)
    went on to check the side missions and you still can't select the waste management map on easy or normal - only hard and above.

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    Exclamation Same issue plus bugs in Black Coin Rush and Lost Mountain maps

    I'm having the same issue with the same mission and it's been that way since I was level 16 and am now up to 21. The Easy and Normal buttons are greyed out on the room creation screen and have some kind of icon over the right side of the button that looks like a woman sitting (see attached pic). I too spent my credits to buy a unlock card as the screen suggested and would like to get those credit refunded.

    There are also bugs where you get a score of Zero in Mass Bullet Rain in the Black coin Rush map in at least hard difficulty. I played it with 8 other players and we all got zero XP and gold at the end. The same zero XP/Gold bug exists in the Bullet Rain map Lost Mountain in at least Hard mode. I'm not sure about the presence of the same bug in other difficulty levels because I have quit playing those maps. Please address these issues! This is a Beta and you guys are supposed to fix things as we report them. I am enjoying the game and looking forward to the release date being announced.

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