Gathering jobs in Final Fantasy XIV when you need to get away from combat so you can relax, explore the wilderness and collect your own artifacts. Land Pro students level up by collecting items and searching for trees, mining sites or fishing in the water. Collectors can also use Fieldcraft missions, where they find the items and ff14 gil needed for these tasks and return them for great rewards. These Fieldcraft-level missions are a great way to quickly improve your gathering efforts.

Primis Player Placeholder

Unlock three Primis City quests
New players can only unlock quests after completing the main story. Depending on your starting city, you'll first need to complete one of these level 9 quests - "The Underground Road" (Ul'dah), "Just Desserts" (Limsa Lominsa), or "Spirithold Broken" (Gridania).

Then go to the Adventurer's Guild in your city. There will be a Levemete NPC looking for level 10: "Leves of the Horizon" (Ulada), "Leves of Swiftperch" (Limsa Lominsa) or "Leves of Bentbranch" (Gridania). Complete this mission to unlock the lower Fighter and Wilder levels.

Collect quests in your level
To collect jobs before level 50, this gets complicated. You need to do more of them after you complete the first quest "[Level of Placement Location]" in the starter city. In the various camps in Larnosea, Tanaran, Black Shroud, and the Central Highlands of Cosas, you will find more Levemete NPCs offering the same "[Place of Leves]" quest. You must complete these missions at the appropriate combat mission level to unlock the other field vehicle missions. This means that the level of the assembly is kept behind the combat missions.

However, once you reach level 50, the problem of scattered leveling missions disappears. You will find all level 50-58 wilderness explorers in Ishgard, level 60-68 in Kugane, and level 70-78 in Crystarium. Wherever the main node of your level range is, you will find the newest Levemete NPC. The left leg is still at the back door of the battle, as you must complete the main scenario missions in the battle quest in stages. However, you no longer have to run around the open world for all the unlocked quests.

With the level allowance, you can accept level requirements. Check your diary and you will see your leveling allowance below. With one allowance, you can accept up to 16 allowances at a time. All players automatically receive 3 allowances every 12 hours. You can keep up to 100 allowance levels at a time. The Timer page in the menu shows when each person will receive their next allowance.

Go out and gather at the desired location
This only applies to miners and botanists. After you accept the Wilderness Quest for these two tasks, you will receive instructions for the next step. Once you enter the correct area, the mind map will show your quest location in red. Go to the area, open the mission you have listed under the current mission, and select Start. This will start the timing sequence. Collect items from the collection points that are displayed during the allotted time. Whenever you give the completed task to someone in the city, you will be rewarded.

For Fisher, the situation is different. You just have to go fishing to catch the fish you want. You will have to do some research to find specific fish, as levequest does not tell you where to go. Alternatively, you can buy fish from the market board and set it for the day. However, you choose to get the fish, return to town, and drop it off. Rinse and repeat as many times as necessary or until you run out of levequest.