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Thread: What are the dangerous stages of laryngeal cancer?

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    Default What are the dangerous stages of laryngeal cancer?

    What are the dangerous stages of laryngeal cancer?

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    Among the symptoms of laryngeal cancer are
    Discomfort in the larynx region, foreign body sensation or swelling.
    A true neoplasm in the larynx (a sign of a malignant tumor).
    Sore throat that gets worse when swallowing (a common symptom of laryngeal cancer). The pain can spread to the ear or head area.
    Cough, often with purulent bloody sputum of an unpleasant odor, sometimes even the appearance of true blood.
    Bad breath.
    Difficulty swallowing.

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    If you are diagnosed with having laryngeal cancer, it is unfortunate, but getting cured is not impossible. According to existing studies and literature, there is a 60% five-year survival rate from the disease. You can find more information about signs of laryngeal cancer here
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