Hey Suba,

I used to play ZMR. I remember it was SO DIFFICULT trying to get my friends to play because it was so hard to find what they are supposed to be doing, and then explaining how to equip themselves. Please make the menus big and chunky with easy to find functionality.

Single Player - Versus MP - Cooperative MP

Single Player - Tutorial, Campaign Missions, Career Missions, etc.
I think it's very important for new players to be able to easily find single player content so they can learn the game and practice. I dug into the menus into Mission and Career missions to find this stuff. It wouldn't be easy if I had to explain this to my dad, who would probably love this game. Please sort the menus so it's very easy to graphically find.

Cooperative is another big thing for new players. Since Versus MP can be intimidating, the graphic UI should be able to lead players to an area in the menus where it will be easy to select a cooperative experience.

As for the Inventory/Equip area of the menus, look to Diablo on console. They have the best equipping menus per item.
I would separate cosmetic/aesthetic gear from statistical gear. There should be a profound explanation that even though it looks like you're wearing Kevlar, it only looks like it because your stats didn't increase.

Thank you for taking on this great game!