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Thread: When will SoD work again?

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    Default When will SoD work again?

    As mentioned in the title:
    When will SoD work again?
    It´s been like 6 months now since SoD doesn´t work...
    Do they even consider to fix that issue at any point, or do we all act like it´s ok they ignore that?
    SoD is one of my faivourite things to do in PristonTale beside spending cash and getting cucked on my class title for almost 4 weeks by now.../sarcasm T_T
    Jokes aside, SoD is essential to PristonTale. You may not get a buff from it like Bless Castle, but that shouldn´t mean it´s worth less. After all it´s very entertaining and gives some variety.

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    Default Bring Back SOD

    I agree I came back to Pristontale this December after like 8 years and yes I agree bring SOD back please.

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    Good News!

    Apparently they just released a patch in order to fix SoD and GC.
    Unfortunally this didn´t do the job and SoD and GC is still yet broken.
    However, they also said they will look into this issue and apologized for any inconvenience.

    Let´s wait and see

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    SoD and GC got fixed!
    Thanks Suba! <3

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    Thank you, that's great news!

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