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Thread: Doubts about the names of the characters.

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    Default Doubts about the names of the characters.

    1 - First of all I would like to thank everyone for bringing back this wonderful game, especially on Steam.

    2 - Now my problem ...
    I created a character and put a "NAME" on it, then later I decided not to like the appearance and decided to delete it to create another one, only now I can't put the same name.
    NOTE: Yes, I was stupid not to look in the store before deleting just to change the look. = (

    And right now with the character no longer exists he still says that the name is already in use.

    "Name already Taken."

    3 - Now my question ...
    After the game launches on STEAM, will I be able to put this "NAME" of my character?
    or better
    Will all characters be deleted and names released to be placed again?
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