Here is the calendar of events for the month of April!

-April 5th (Monday) @ 11:00 AM EST :[Find the GM]
-April 17th (Saturday) @ 05:00 PM EST :[The last survivor]
-April 24th (Saturday) @ 05:00 PM EST :[Boss Rush]
-April 30th (Friday) @ 05:00 PM EST :[Nation vs GM]

[Find the GM]
The GM will hide in the maps and you need to find him, but open your eyes! The GM will use any trick to confuse you!
To win, the player must B-Stop beside the GM and write "I found you" in the local chat
The player who finds the GM will win a prize for the whole nation
5 Rounds
[The last survivor]
Players will be summoned to a map with special conditions
Players have 1 minute to hide
The GM starts killing the players, the last survivor wins a prize!
3 Rounds per Nation!
[Boss Rush]
A lot of NGC bosses will be summoned in some maps.
Safe channels only
[Nation vs GM]
Players will be summoned to a map chosen by the GM
The player who takes the GM's Killmark wins a prize!
5 Rounds per Nation!