1. The PVP and Exiled Titles has been removed from the fireworks prestige shop.
2. Benny Marshall has been added to the VIP map.
3. The total amount of uses of Wardrobe Expansion Scroll X has been increased.
4. The Monthly Pupu coin issue has been resolved.
5. The Blue Holy Weapons and Small Umbrella recolours have been added to Yinlong in the VIP map.
6. The Lightning Spirit Raid has been added to the Go-Anywhere list, as well as the Coco the Cactodemon Teleport NPC in the VIP map.
7. The Lightning Spirit boss' magic defense has been lowered by 25%.
8. Stock amounts in Guild Merchants have been significantly increased:

Guild Merch I
-Increased stock of all items to 1000 each.

Guild Merch II
-Increased #Spirit Catching Orb item stock to 50
-Increased Growth Hormone Pill and Shorty Pill stock to 500

Guild Merch III
-Increased insurance item stock to 500
9. Christmas has (mostly) ended. The remaining NPCs will be removed in the future.
10. The costumes obtainable from Seizars Palace has been swapped out.
11. The rate for which pets have a chance to become a King pet has been increased.