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Thread: How do you feel about gambling?

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    Default How do you feel about gambling?

    I would be very interested in trying to play a casino or something like that. How would you feel about that?

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    I have a negative attitude towards casinos, I think it's just a waste of money

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    I think you could try, the main thing is to play on proven sites, as many casinos cheat. I have been playing for a long time on wildtornado , and have raised quite a lot there. Also there is a large selection of games that you will like. But if you are not sure you want to lose and lose money, it is better not to start.

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    Depending on what kind of gambling you mean, if these are slot machines, then I have a negative attitude towards it.

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    Hello, I also have a negative attitude towards slot machines and various card games. Sports betting is another matter, they do not cause addiction, but only add interest in sports. I mainly bet on football and Parimatch is a good bet for that. If you are interested, you can see the step-by-step instructions at to find out how to register on the site and start betting on any sport.

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