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Thread: Is it possible to win in online lotto?

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    Default Is it possible to win in online lotto?

    Is it possible to win in online lotto?

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    I think it's almost impossible to win at the lotto. It's like throwing a rock more than 100 meters away and hoping it hits the head of an ant. Of course there are sites for example this one or something like that, that analyze what happens at online lotteries and publish these statistics from which you can draw conclusions. But it is not a guarantee of success either, although the chances increase.

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    How I envy those programmers who have worked for the casino and know how it works. They can really make money from it.
    Ordinary people can't make money from it. Only a few make money, otherwise the lotto would have died out long ago.

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    Obviously, most people lose. But don't forget that most don't use any strategy, they just play.

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    The most important thing in online lotto is to keep a cool mind. With a little knowledge of mathematics it will become clear that the chances of winning are much less than the chances of winning. And this applies to any kind of gambling. The casino is always a winner, don't forget. Only quality The Lotter Review can help you.

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