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Thread: cant login in game

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    Default cant login in game

    checked ID and password work fine on subagame and use email to reset password work fine , but cant login in game

    also send tickets support

    this is old account , cant rememer character name , just want to login in game and play , please help!
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    Maybe your Suba account doesn't match your Priston Tale account. Here's a way for you to check:

    Log into the Suba website. From the Games pulldown menu, select Priston Tale. On the Priston Tale page it should say that you're logged in. If it doesn't, either contact support or create a new PT account. If you are logged into the PT page, click on Shop at the top of the page. In the PT shop, click on any item to buy it (doesn't matter what -- we won't complete this transaction anyway). The next page wants you to link this purchase to one of your PT accounts so click the pulldown menu and see what the name of your game account is. This is your PT GAME login account and hopefully you'll still have the password for it, somewhere. If not, then I guess contact Support but meanwhile you can make another account from the PT page and play the game.

    Suba > Games > Priston Tale > Shop > Purchase Item > PT Game Account List

    Anyway, I hope that wasn't too confusing as I do tend to be a bit long-winded. Good luck.

    Remember that your main Suba account can have multiple Priston Tale game accounts under it so don't make more Suba accounts. Just make new game accounts from the Priston Tale page.
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