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Thread: M.A.R.S. Feedback + Starter Pack

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    Cool M.A.R.S. Feedback + Starter Pack

    Greetings to all Players and Fans!

    We’ve received a ton of great feedback from all of you over the last few months of development and Beta testing, and especially so in the last few days since our Steam Early Access launch!

    First and foremost, we’d like to make it well known that we take everyone’s comments seriously! And even the smallest complaint is taken into consideration on how to make M.A.R.S. the best it can be!

    And so that brings us to one of the complaints we’ve heard a lot so far; the VIP system.

    We know that the VIP System is a hot topic when discussed amongst our Players, but we want to make it as transparent as possible that we understand the cautious negatives that some of our players are bringing up, and so we’ve released a special Starter Pack on Steam to remedy this! Details for Starter Pack here:

    90-Days of VIP alone is worth the price of the Starter Pack. But as an added incentive, we have included many more goodies that we believe are essential to a new player’s ideal experience, including some items that can’t be purchased normally!

    This pack is limited to 1 purchase per person. And to dissuade any worries about buying stuff during an Early Access; all players who purchase the pack will also receive the same contents once more after we release into Full Release and again if there are to be any Server Wipes.

    As a final thank you to cap off this announcement, for a limited time, we included an Exclusive Golden Panzer Dragoon in this Starter pack. This Drone is equivalent in Stats to other Drones within M.A.R.S., though it comes with a unique gilded design that will never be available again once Early Access Ends.

    So if you’re in the camp of players cautiously wary about the VIP Cards, we hope this works to alleviate your concerns! And if you're not in that camp, well then we hope you enjoy the value and savings!

    Details for the Starter Pack is here:

    PS: This pack is on 80% Off from now - July 8th during the Steam Sale period
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