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Thread: The "Get this game" thread

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    I've been quiet way too long but since i'm here lemme suggest bringing back one of my favourite PVP games: King of Kings 3 (but of course balanced *cough*) the game was hosted by gamigo and netted some decent $$. Its very pvp intensive and had interest concepts and events. Give it some thought and I'm all in to help however I can

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    Ether Saga Odyssey. Developed by Perfect World Entertainment. Has 4 races with 8 classes. An in depth pet system,integrated quest system and a reputation system.
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    Fantasy Earth Zero and Wizardry Online. Again.

    WO's JP shutdown means you've got the entire planet with an itch to scratch. Handle it well = $.

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    Yeah, WO has over 1000 posts in a separate thread, your users have been clamoring for it and now it's down in Asia.

    Bring back Wizardy Online please!

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    As my name states WindSlayer 1 or WindSlayer 2. PLS look at this game and see if you can bring it back. Its the best 2D side scroll game with the best PVP functions ever seen in a 2D side scroll game. Many people like this game and are waiting for it to revive.
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