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Thread: The "Get this game" thread

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    I've been quiet way too long but since i'm here lemme suggest bringing back one of my favourite PVP games: King of Kings 3 (but of course balanced *cough*) the game was hosted by gamigo and netted some decent $$. Its very pvp intensive and had interest concepts and events. Give it some thought and I'm all in to help however I can

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    Ether Saga Odyssey. Developed by Perfect World Entertainment. Has 4 races with 8 classes. An in depth pet system,integrated quest system and a reputation system.
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    Fantasy Earth Zero and Wizardry Online. Again.

    WO's JP shutdown means you've got the entire planet with an itch to scratch. Handle it well = $.

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    Yeah, WO has over 1000 posts in a separate thread, your users have been clamoring for it and now it's down in Asia.

    Bring back Wizardy Online please!

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    As my name states WindSlayer 1 or WindSlayer 2. PLS look at this game and see if you can bring it back. Its the best 2D side scroll game with the best PVP functions ever seen in a 2D side scroll game. Many people like this game and are waiting for it to revive.
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    At this precise moment, with GameKing and AeriaGames screwing up DMO (Digimon Masters Online) to an extreme I can't even begin to explain, I'd like to post one of my favourite games ever which is the DBO, also known as Digimon Battle Online, or as it has no more english name due to being shutdown, it's original name in KR which is still ongoing, Digimon RPG.
    I would really like this game to make a return due to how it actually works, as in making battles more enjoyable than it's 3D brother DMO.
    If a game like DFO (Dungeon Fighter Online) that is quite old is till around and kicking in several separate servers, why can't DBO??
    The cash shop in the game was useful for those who had the money, but even for those that didn't, there was a large variety of events, almost always from what I recall, that allowed the Poor community members to be as strong as some of the pay to play community.
    While DMO, regardless of the (useless mostly) events it provides, one can never really become as good as a paying member, but at least in DBO, the items in the cash shop are actually worth purchasing.

    Basically my main point is: DMO is recent and died out fast. DBO was shutdown to give DMO it's glory time, which lasted less than TERA as a P2P. DBO is a game that's enjoyable, you can play whenever you want without being too limited thanks to their amazing events and content. If someone enjoys a good Digimon game, they'll agree that DMO isn't doing Digimon the justice that DBO can give it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mothimas View Post
    These videos got closed down and I'm unable to edit the original post, but here are some backups for them for Myrina/Pirate Force Online.

    Classes Feature:
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    I know that it's been suggested here a few times before, but I'll bump it up!
    The game I'm here to suggest is Secret of the Solstice.
    It used to be hosted by Outspark in NA, but Outspark closed the game and now there is no such thing as Outspark.
    When the NA server closed, many people actually downloaded the Japanese version and replaced files with an English patch just so they could keep playing, which included myself, my sister, and hundreds of other friends. However, shortly afterwards, the Japanese version ALSO shut down. It would be so awesome if you could consider it for us Xenians who grew up on this game.


    (That's me 15 seconds in! Actually crying)

    Also for those of you that are here for the same reason, I'm the original Secret. My twin sister and I played the same character, and when the game shut down she adopted the name Seecret for other games such as Mabinogi. We played SoS from closed beta all the way until the end.
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    Hey Dear, if you like skills base game you can go for Rummy or chess. I like rummy.

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