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Thread: The "Get this game" thread

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    Two suggestions:

    ASTA Online: Good game, killed twice after a short time by horrendous mismanagement. Has a dedicated fanbase with interest in seeing it returned, but sees that as unlikely.

    CloudNine: Ohhhh boy. Ran successfully for years under Netgame, they finally decided to close services and move it over to Redfox Games... and they managed to kill it within less than a year. Lots of people would love to see it return.

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    Lightbulb Bump

    Quote Originally Posted by KwarkiLove View Post
    If you guys actually read this : SPIRIT TALES / GLORY DESTINY please

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    Default please get these.

    fantasy earth zero, or fantasy star online 1 or 2 or even universe, shin megami tensei imagine.

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    1. Divina online, same company & developer team of Lucent Heart'
    2. Dream Drops, similar game as Divina, same team of Lucent Heart
    3. Prius Online/Anima Online, a 3D MMO and you can raise up a little girl called "Anima", she is the lovely helper as a pet in battle. Someone has miss this game and rebirth it on 2015 called "Prius Anima" (Private Server) and many people back to
    play the game. However it closed on 2017 with unknown reason. We still miss it very much.

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