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Thread: The "Get this game" thread

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    Two suggestions:

    ASTA Online: Good game, killed twice after a short time by horrendous mismanagement. Has a dedicated fanbase with interest in seeing it returned, but sees that as unlikely.

    CloudNine: Ohhhh boy. Ran successfully for years under Netgame, they finally decided to close services and move it over to Redfox Games... and they managed to kill it within less than a year. Lots of people would love to see it return.

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    Lightbulb Bump

    Quote Originally Posted by KwarkiLove View Post
    If you guys actually read this : SPIRIT TALES / GLORY DESTINY please

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    Default please get these.

    fantasy earth zero, or fantasy star online 1 or 2 or even universe, shin megami tensei imagine.

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    1. Divina online, same company & developer team of Lucent Heart'
    2. Dream Drops, similar game as Divina, same team of Lucent Heart
    3. Prius Online/Anima Online, a 3D MMO and you can raise up a little girl called "Anima", she is the lovely helper as a pet in battle. Someone has miss this game and rebirth it on 2015 called "Prius Anima" (Private Server) and many people back to
    play the game. However it closed on 2017 with unknown reason. We still miss it very much.

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    Default ROSE Online

    "It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of ROSE Online.
    On February 11, 2019, ROSE Online will close its doors for the last time."

    I'm not even sure if the game will ever be available for release, again but in the right hands this would be a nice one to snag. It's still running atm but you can take a look at before it closes down.

    Like many other older MMORPGs experience is gained a bit too quickly, player shop prices are through the roof due to too much money available and nobody crafts or sells low level things anymore because players outgrow them much too quickly. Crafting of most items is available and there are many quests. Item duping is/was a problem.

    Anyway, it's a cute game that I played occasionally and feel that it's worth a look if Suba's still planning to add more titles.

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    Bring back Spirit Tales please! It had a very original setting and the community was awesome

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    I agree with Spirit Tales Online, the game was shut down with a 24-hour notice mostly due to terrible management and poor advertising, it still had such a long way to go before its life was cut short. If you decide to take a look into it you may see that this game has a good chance of doing great in 2019+ if handled well.
    It had comfortable gameplay and fun/engaging dungeons with varying difficulty levels that made you work hard and smart for the rare loot, the PvP battles were still very active during the final days of the game due to how fun it was, and even the maps were beautiful, showcasing the artstyle that while not original contributed to the overall "happy" feeling this game had.
    It had hundreds of dyeable costumes we could customize our characters with, and those combined with the tribes' (races) unique combination of horns/tails/general appendages made it possible so no two players looked the same.

    The game currently only has the Taiwanese version running, it would be extremely sad if this game were to disappear completely without a chance to grow in the west just because the first publisher didn't do enough.
    Please bring it back. :3

    P.S: the Spirit Hare tribe is still the best

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    Bring back kitsu saga definitely!! I miss that gem so much. It was such an amazing game then Aeria Games went and trashed it....Thanks Aeria Games

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    Default magic

    a game that close ~6 years ago called magic the gathering tactic. was a 3D turn based sumon creature and try to kill enemy wizard.

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    Default Bring back spirit tales !

    I am the creator of that post, and im here to spread it here as well (thank you for my friends who have done it before me )

    1 : There is no english server.
    2 : It is still up and going in Taiwan.
    3 : If its up in Taiwan, i think there is developer support.

    Please Suba Games, we are begging you to bring this game back.


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