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Thread: :D 1st post : 4th of july present staring me

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    Default :D 1st post : 4th of july present staring me lol mabey some day bcu will actually kill me before my bb, i have like 200 bb videos like this one

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    Trip the Light Fantastic
       My b/f and I like to kick it at home on Friday nights and just “mellow out” for the entire E -vening. This amazing lamp just keeps us flying all night as we rock out ,

    dance, lay back, scarf munchies, or just stare at the ceilings and LOL at each other`s 420 jokes.
       So, beside your usual lava lamp, this celestial lamp is the best investment like forever for sure, man. Any other tips, anyone?

    Trip the

    Light Fantastic

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    4th of july present staring me

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    DoMO memories.
    Cant wait to create new ones!

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