Suba Games is proud to present it's first ever browser-based MMORPG. Fragoria is an MMORPG with so much potential. The functionality behind it are things that you see traditionally in client based games. Fragoria is proof that browser games are evolving, and we're proud to share this evolution with you.

Existing Suba Games members will be able to log in using their accounts immediately at . Suba Games users will receive an exclusive starter package for their first created character on Fragoria.

We are doing a launch event IMMEDIATELY! If you're reading this thread first, read through the Fragoria Launch Event thread to read up on our launch event.

Accounts and characters created outside of Suba Games will not be supported by Suba Games, nor will they be eligible for the launch gift and launch events. There will be no transferring of any kind between a non-Suba Games account and a Suba Games account.

Arise, Fragoria!