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Thread: Mission Against Terror - Closed Beta Events

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    Default Mission Against Terror - Closed Beta Events

    Mission Against Terror - Closed Beta Events

    Welcome to Mission Against Terror! To spice up our testing period, and for the purposes of testing things out ourselves to make sure everything on the administration side works before any kind of official launch, here are the events lined up for our closed beta period.

    Born Ready

    (From Closed Beta launch to the end of Closed Beta)

    All Closed Beta players that log in for the first time receive a complementary AK-47 assault rifle. Efficient, effective, and reliable; only the best for our troops!

    To The Victor Go The Spoils

    (Friday Sept. 3rd – Sunday Sept. 5th)

    All players earn double the silver coins that they normally would. Rack up coins and deck yourself out, soldier!

    Honorable Soldiers

    (Friday Sept. 10th – Sunday Sept. 12th)

    All players earn double the experience points that they normally would. This is your time to shine on the battlefield!

    The Closed Beta Army

    (From Closed Beta launch to the end of Closed Beta)

    The Closed Beta Army are a formidable force that are ahead of the competition. They are battle-hardened and prepared for war. All Closed Beta members are part of this army, and we want to see who its highest-ranking soldiers are! The top 100 players in the rankings by experience points gained at the end of the Closed Beta period will win 5,000 Suba Points for their efforts.

    A Weapons Cache Captured!

    (Wednesday Sept. 15th)

    All Closed Beta members that log into Mission Against Terror during this day will receive an M4A1 assault rifle for their dedication. Don’t go AWOL on us soldiers!

    Server Strain

    (Wednesday Sept. 8th)

    All Closed Beta testers are asked to log in and play Mission Against Terror on this date and time to test our server’s capabilities of handling a large number of people playing the game at the same time. Log on, play some games, have some fun, and let’s see if we can make the server crash! A successful server crash will automatically place 25 players in a random draw to win 5,000 Suba Points.

    Footage of War

    (From Closed Beta launch to the end of Closed Beta)

    Normally citizens don’t get to see life-and-death combat between soldiers. This is not the case here! We want to see your Mission Against Terror footage! Create a neat video showing off your skills on the field of battle and upload it to Youtube to win yourself 2,500 Suba Points! You must make a post on our forums linking us to your video. Furthermore, your video must state your Suba Games forum nickname in the description of the video or on one of the tags to verify that the video is yours. Additionally, the video itself must have the MAT logo and the Suba Games logo somewhere in there.

    Distribute your piece of footage to a gaming-related website and double your Suba Points reward for this task(from 2,500 to 5,000)! Preferably the gaming website should be First Person Shooter related. Complement the video with a positive comment about the game, screenshot your post/comment, and post it on our forum along with the link to your video to be eligible for the full prize.

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    this all sounds very good , i especially enjoy sever crashing events bravo.

    i do get tired of the ak47 as the end all be all in every single shooter --ever--.
    being a smaller guy irl i am more of an mp5 man myself : same or better range and accuracy with barrel extention and have MUCH less recoil.naturally all guns can use silencers and fmj,but recoil and accuracy are the difference between rl life and death.
    --there is a reason special forces use them

    the m16 is also extremely versatile and highly do not want to be on the recieving end of its fire even at 600meters.having been through brm i have a particular fondess for the basic m16a2 rifle and have never missed a 300meter target using railsights angers me to a VERY great degree when the m16 is represented as garbage in shooter games.i guarantee you would NOT feel it was a 'weak' gun if taking fire from it while not having 4inches of steel or a foot of concrete to hide behind
    *which milgrade copper rounds pierce like paper at 300meters*

    stock m16's do not have the stock ak's barrel swelling overheating issue either,although any weapon can be upgraded to amazing and terrifying degrees if you have the resources.

    until you have actually used them you have ZERO undstanding of how much power these machines possess.
    too many children completely miss that point and too many childsoldiers die every day trying to use inferior built or badly maintained gear.

    in the right hands ANY weapon is deadly.if you lack respect for the weapon it will not protect you...

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    The only thing I dislike about this is the events are the same time as the events in PT1. Oh, how will I manage!!! LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainStar_Mech View Post
    The only thing I dislike about this is the events are the same time as the events in PT1. Oh, how will I manage!!! LOL!
    You Signature reminded me of WoW...

    Ontopic: can we keep the AK47 even after CB :>?

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    cool events but i hope ppl still gone report and search/test/try to find bugs like a cbt should be

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    All of this assumes that we can actualy play. For those of us on WINDOWS VISTA 32-bit WE CANT PLAY. the screen stays black despite being able to hear everything it is so dumb

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