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as Fervid has mentioned multiple times.

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can you access this website? If yes, then I would un-install your .Net Framework, do this by going into your control panel and uninstalling it through the uninstall programs. Then re-install the .net 3.5. Here's the link:

I never said it was an OS related issue.. Don't know where you got that idea from. I have had 12 out of 13 users confirm that the problem was malware on their computer. One other being the above that I mentioned.

I agree with you that it is software related. See Kingsoft, who are the developers of M.A.T. are a computer developer of Internet Security and Anti-virus Software. So they're build from the ground up and have incorporated some of this security into their game as well. I understand if your system is a clean install, but it really wouldn't hurt to still run a scan anyway, right?
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