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Thread: MAT Open Beta - Sept. 19, 2010

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    Default MAT Open Beta - Sept. 19, 2010

    MAT Open Beta - Sept 19, 2010

    Welcome to the official Open Beta launch of Mission Against Terror! Open Beta introduces Ghost Mode, a brand new mode not seen in Closed Beta which works somewhat like Bomb Mode but with a twist, the bombing team are Ghosts! Restricted to melee attacks only, the Ghosts are dangerous stalkers looking for that quick swoop and kill. Watch your back! Also on hand are new weapons, items, and clothing options.

    Invite your friends for some exciting shooter action as we bombard you with neat events to get the ball rolling! To check up on what events are scheduled for the month of September, head on over to the Events page under the "Community" header. You definitely want to get in on "Conscription," an event that runs for one week starting from Open Beta Launch where you get a free AUG A2(60 Days) just for logging in to play!

    Always make sure to visit our Suba Games forums as well for the latest information on World Online Gaming League(WOGL) sponsored events like the weekly MAT draft on Saturdays! If you are at all interested in the competitive scene of MAT, the weekly draft should be mandatory! You are more than welcomed to attend the draft even if you're not interested in the competitive scene to chat it up with other MAT players and WOGL staff members on WOGL's Ventrilo server. It’s a good way to make friends and possibly network with other MAT players to make plans for clans. Lock n' load, soldiers!

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    thank you brother , we are waitting the open time

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    you trying to rip off crossfire in everyway?

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    3 Hours until open beta

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    cant connect "<

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    i cannot connect to update

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    the same problem i cant conect to update, update failed

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    update faile, pls help us

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    read the threat guys, your problems have been answered.

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    Default or not?

    Read the threat? What does that even mean. And any update yet?

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