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    Default Clan Management Site Open!

    The Clan Management Site is open!

    The Clan Battle server however is having a hardware issue. We hope to have it resolved soon. The issue causes the Clan Battle server to never match you up with another team. We will announce when this has been fixed as soon as we hear it. At this time, aside from exploring, there is nothing you can do in the Clan Battle server.

    Where is the clan site and how do I log into the clan site?
    1. The clan site is located at
    2. Before you can log into the clan site, you need to set your Cpass(clan password).
    3. Setting your CPass is as easy as logging into MAT, clicking on the CLAN button, and setting your password(don't forget to hit Save Password!).
    4. Once you have your CPass, visit the clan site and log in using your Suba Games account ID and your CPass.

    #$%#!!, I forgot my clan system password! How do I reset it?
    1. If you ever forget your CPass, all you need to do is change your CPass. You never need to know your current CPass to be able to change it, and you can only change your CPass from within MAT. As long as you can log into MAT, you can always change your CPass at any time, whether you still know your CPass or you've forgotten it.

    How do I create a clan and what are the requirements?
    1. To create a clan, you must be in possession of a Clan Creation Card and you must also be at Rank 20 or above. Be sure that you are over Rank 20 before buying a Clan Creation Card!
    2. To start creating your clan, visit the clan site and log in. You will have the option of creating a clan next to your player information. This will not work if you don't have a Clan Creation Card in your inventory and if you are not at Rank 20.
    3. NOTE! You can only create a clan once every 7 days. Because Clan Creation Cards last for 5 days, you cannot create a clan, leave/disband it and create another one immediately and you can potentially purchase a card and have it expire before you are allowed to create another clan.
    4. ALSO NOTE! Your clan has a Clan Admin Password. This is different than your clan site password and your account password and is used for highly important clan site functions. As soon as you create a clan, you should create a clan admin password. You do this by logging into the clan site, clicking My Team, clicking Clan Management, and selecting Set Admin Pass. For this password, you do need to remember the old password to be able to change this. If you forget your clan admin password and you are the clan captain, please send a support ticket.

    How do I send an application to join my friend's clan?
    1. To send an application, visit the clan site and login. From there, you need to find the clan that you want to join using the Rankings browser window. If you see the clan that you want to join right on the ranking list, then it's as easy as clicking the Join button(the last column).
    2. If you don't see the clan that you want to join on the Rankings list, click the "More>>" link on the right of the Ranking frame and you'll have the option of searching for your desired clan by name.
    3. NOTE! You can only have 1 application out at a time, so apply wisely! Once you've applied to a clan, you cannot apply to other clans until you are either accepted/denied by the clan leader or your application dies(applications have a die time of 3 days before they're automatically revoked by the system).
    4. ALSO NOTE! There is no special indication from within the game telling you that you have joined a clan. You also will not directly see that you've joined one during your current MAT session. If you've been accepted into the clan and you are logged in and playing, you need to log out and log back in. To check from within the game, open the CLAN tab and you will see that the other tabs are now available to you. You can also check on the clan website by logging in and checking your Inbox.

    I am my clan's Captain, how do I view and accept applications to my clan?
    1. Log into the clan website and click on My Team in the Player Info frame.
    2. Click on Clan Management once the next page loads and select "Pending Applications". In here, you will be able to accept/deny applicants and you can also view their message to you.

    What is the Clan bank, how do I donate to the bank, and how do I view a list of recent donations?
    1. The Clan Bank is a shared collection of Silver Coins that come from all members within the clan. Donations are not mandatory unless your clan leader demands that it's mandatory. Once you confirm a donation, you cannot reverse it. Nobody can remove funds from the Clan Bank directly.
    2. The Clan Bank mainly is for the Clan Battle server. Having a match on the Clan Battle server costs 1,000 silver and is taken from your Clan Bank.
    3. A list of donations/expenses can be viewed on the clan site. Click on My Team after logging in and click on Clan Bank.

    What are clan administrators, what can they do, and how do I appoint members to be administrators?
    1. Clan administrators can be thought of as lieutenants, vice leaders, whatever you want to call them. They help with some of the administration duties of running a clan.
    2. Clan administrators can only change the Clan Notice(your in-game message to your clan members via the CLAN tab), accept/deny applicants and kick clan members.
    3. A clan captain can assign admins via the clan site. Click on the My Team button, go to Clan Management and click on Assign Position.
    4. You will need to know your clan admin password(different than your clan site password and your account password) and the character ID# of the person you want to appoint as an administrator. To find a character ID#, go to Member List and it will show you what each character's ID# is.
    5. NOTE! Only 3% of your clan can be administrators at any given time.

    I am my clan's Captain, how do I transfer my Captain rank to another member of my clan?
    1. Log into the clan site. Click on My Team and go to Clan Management. Click on Consign A Captain.
    2. You will need to know your clan admin password(different than your clan site password and your account password) and the character ID# of the person you want to appoint as the new captain. To find a character ID#, go to Member List and it will show you what each character's ID# is.
    3. NOTE! Once the position of captain has been transferred, you will be a regular member of the clan.
    4. ALSO NOTE! The person that you want to assign as the new captain must be at Rank 20, just like you needed to be at Rank 20 to create a clan.

    How do I leave/disband a clan?
    1. To leave a clan, visit the clan page and log in. Click on My Team. At the bottom you will be able to Quit.
    2. To disband a clan, you must kick every member out of your clan first. If and only if you are the last member of the clan as captain can you disband the clan. Disbanding a clan is the same process as quitting the clan. The system will recognize that you are the captain and no other members are in your clan, and it will allow you to quit this way and will disband the clan. As captain, the only other way you can leave the clan is to first appoint someone else as captain and then you can use the Quit function on the site.
    3. NOTE! Disbanding a clan is a 7 day process and you will not be able to create another clan during this time.

    How do I participate in clan battles?
    1. Clans can participate in 5v5 or 8v8 competitions by entering the Clan Battle server and setting up a room.
    2. Once a room is set up, only members of that clan can join the room.
    3. In the room, the room leader can set up what game mode they want the match to take place on. Once everyone is ready, the room leader will place the team in a queue and the system will match the team up with another team that is looking for a clan match who have the same amount of players and have selected the same game mode.
    4. NOTE! The Clan Battle server is up between 4:00 PM to 11:59 PM EDT (UTC-4) everyday. You cannot have clan battles outside of these times.
    5. ALSO NOTE! Each clan match requires 1,000 Silver in your guild bank. You cannot participate in a clan match unless you have at least 1,000 Silver in your clan's bank.
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