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Thread: How to Mod a WAV/BGM file

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    Default How to Mod a WAV/BGM file

    Sick of some of the songs while playing pristontale?
    well I was, I was sick of the annoying desert song so I wanted to change it.
    After searching long and hard for an answer on this forum I decided I had to figure it out for myself and I did, and here comes the sharing! ^_^

    Have a copy of the song you want to replace.
    Have a new song you want to replace the old song with (preferably MP3.)
    You have to have PTwavpatcher.exe , you can download this here:
    It is also smart to have read that tutorial before you begin with this.

    MP3 to WAV converter.
    It is actually very simple; you only need to change your MP3 file into a WAV and or BGM file. I changed my MP3 song into a WAV with this program:
    Audio Sound File Converter Software. Convert wav, mp3, dvd, midi, dvf etc.
    Download it, and change your MP3 into a WAV (don't worry, the old MP3 file will be copied. And if you are not sure, copy it anyway)
    Then put your new WAV song into:
    C:\Program Files\Subagames\Pristontale\wav\BGM
    And name it the song you want replaced. For instance: Field - desert - pilgrim.wav
    If you want to change the desert song.

    Using PTwavpatcher.exe
    Copy your PTwavpatcher.exe into C:\Program Files\Subagames\Pristontale\wav\BGM and open it and click enter, it should run into all the BGM files.
    Now change your new WAV song into a BGM file, by doing so:
    Instead of Field - desert - pilgrim.wav
    rename it into Field - desert - pilgrim.bgm

    It should give a warning that it might be unusable and stuff but thats all crap. If you have followed these steps and have read You have succesfully changed a song of pristontale.

    Any questions or confusion, please post them ^_^
    If a tutorial like this already exists, my apologies and please delete it then.

    Please be kind with your criticism, this is my first thread.

    THANKS =D!
    Eagle[NL], lvl 75, archer.<br>

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    Wow I just put some changed the Pillai en Ricarten background music, and it works like magic thanks a lot!
    Well done making at making the first thread.

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    Can't find any link to download PTwavpatcher.exe

    please help

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    whaa, the link was already there. I was just not sure what i was looking for. PT File Patcher or PTwavpatcher.

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