The clan rankings on is not as straight forward as it seems when it comes to rankings and points.

Basically, you win points by participating in clan battles. Whether you win or lose, you get points(winners get more). Clans are ranked based on these points. Every Thursday during maintenance, the points accumulated for the week move to "Last Week" and then a new week starts when maintenance is over. You can also see a running total for all of 2010(feature that is to be implemented fairly soon, for now it doesn't show anything).

For now, points are for bragging rights. Clan rewards and stuff are being planned based on these points, so for now getting points doesn't seem all that important but with rewards tacked on, it's going to become much more important down the road to get the top spot. Also keep in mind that we may be adding a yearly contest for the most points that may or may not start and end with this year(even though it's not a full year). These are preliminary plans at the moment. More will be revealed as the details are ironed out.