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Thread: 2005/2006 + EveRDiE (Good ole' times)

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    Default 2005/2006 + EveRDiE (Good ole' times)

    This was the first time I met "Chekerz" the first 9x Fighter from Mardanos Server.
    He would WALK all the way to DS to train due to his headless bug.. Poor guy!

    This one's the first time ePT got a Christmas event (which was just SantaGoblin!)
    I remember I got a 7x Javelin from that event.. Man! Good times good times!

    This is me - the REAL _PINKY_ and KoS way back in the day, check out that +9 Ancient!
    Check the date on some of these SS's XD for the time we where awesome players!

    This was the EveRDiE clan from Mardanos - we sure where vast in numbers back in the day.
    Some of my best memories of this game wouldn't be the same without EveRDiE <3


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    good old days...
    this game will be never same without our leader Zexika. too bad i dont have any ss's anymore of everdie. atleast it was a great time in everdie and everyone who was in the clan. also i have lost my char because the merge to valento failed for me. i can't find my fighter in valento anymore.

    now i play on awell called Hieto. yup, i do still play =)
    hope we can find some more ED ppl because this thread.

    snoepie (R.I.P 89 fighter 50%)
    Hieto (awell 95 knight)

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    Good ol' times.

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    I'm not a real old schoo ED member but I was in ED on awell for long time and it was the best clan I ever was in. Zexika was a great leader indeed, he thaught me a lot about the game. To bad some bad guy stole his account on awell now, ow well..

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    I was in ED in Awell too for a short time, cool to see some "heritage" of my late clan.

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    EveRDiE on Awell was probably great, but unless you where in it from the beginning in Mardanos you'll never understand how great it once was!
    I'd give anything if all my old friends from ED would come back and play with me just one last time to dominate the server v/s the army of Philippines

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    we only have now to think of. memories are memories. keep moving forward and make new ones but still recall the old yet priceless thoughts of a true online game.Online Game Friends are not just ordinary virtual friends..
    many may think that it's impossible..years from now, we can only look back to those good old memories and friendship that we will cherish forever

    btw i like what you said
    "I'd give anything if all my old friends from ED would come back and play with me just one last time to dominate the server v/s the army of Philippines"

    this topic reminds me of my mother clan back way 2005 -2006 at ptp ^^

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    OMG!!!!!!!! chekerz good level now is 100

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    Nice good old times .. I remember the crowded places like ricarten, bless castle and etc in PTP times ..

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    Default The whole gang at the first BC win! (pretty sure this is the first time we took the castle) love them crowns, sod is next

    Best memories in game!
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