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Thread: Official Ace Online Forum Rules (Updated: 12/07/2013)

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    Default Official Ace Online Forum Rules (Updated: 12/07/2013)

    Welcome to the Ace Online Community Forums!

    Before posting in the Ace Online section, please read and abide by the following rules!

    1. Here is a list of all the General Forum rules, please follow them.

    2. This forum does not allow talking about bans.
    If you want to fix your ban, use the ticket system.

    3. Ace Online undergoes scheduled maintenance every Thursday 11AM SERVER TIME.
    This usually lasts 1-2 hours, unless otherwise specified by a GM. During that time, the servers are down, meaning you CANNOT play on them.

    4. If contours are sold out, THEY ARE SOLD OUT.
    If you make an inquiry to support about purchasing sold out contours, they will respond with a pre-specified response to the contour situation.


    Refer to these threads for further information and up-to-date statuses about situations dealing with Ace Online.

    Ace Transfer Status Thread
    Transfer Thread

    The Ace Online Policy
    Ace Online Suspension Policy

    Solving WinSocket/HShield/General Gameplay Errors
    Solution for Winshock/Hshield Error

    Infraction's/Warning Removals
    Removing Infractions & Warnings

    Ace Launcher Update Contest
    Ace Launcher Update Contest
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    I have updated this thread so as to reduce the amount of stickies we currently have and as this is 2013 and not 2011 i felt it appropriate to update the links. From here on the links and information on the links will be updated as soon as possible.

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