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Thread: SubaGames Presents: Ace Online 4v4 Tournament!

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    Default SubaGames Presents: Ace Online 4v4 Tournament!

    Team up with your friends and battle other formations in a ladder-style tournament. The best team from both nations will compete against each other to establish dominance as the best Ace Online team in their server!

    On the Artemis server, up to 32 Teams can sign up, per nation. On the Prelude server, up to 16 Teams can sign up, per nation.

    This event will be taking place on the main servers.

    Tournament Rules

    -Only one character per account per player will be allowed to participate in the tournament.

    -Each team must have exactly 1 gear of every type. Must be 1 A Gear, 1 B Gear, 1 I Gear and 1 M Gear. You may use anything you have in your respective inventories. If any team is caught abusing any glitches, bugs or any type of exploit, they are immediately disqualified from the tournament and further punishment may be dealt to the team's respective accounts.

    -Each team must have a team leader. They are responsible for drafting their own team, making sure each member can show up to their organized matches and they must sign up their character on the Ace Online Tournament Page as the team's official leader. You can also access the tournament list from the official SubaGames Ace Online page, available under the "Missions" tab as "Tournaments". You must choose the tournament the corresponds with your correct nation and server. As well, you are responsible for recording the proper and correct results of all matches.

    -The accumulative level cap for your team must not exceed 360. If any team's character's levels exceed 360, they will immediately be disqualified.

    -After your team is signed up and the tournament begins, you will be assigned to fight against another team leader and their team. You and the other team leader must contact each other in order to set up a tournament match time that suits both teams. The matches must take place between the safe map channels of your nation-aligned maps. For example, BCU shall fight between Stone Ruins and Redline Beach, while ANI shall fight between Reynard and Heremeze Relic Site.

    -If a Strategic Point spawns while a match is taking place, both teams must agree to stop the current match in order to officially halt the match and do it at a later time / after the Strategic Point. If the match is halted, upon return to complete the match both teams will retain the same scoring as before. If Team A and Team B both won a battle each, when they fight again it will be by the same score.

    -Each team is responsible for completing their assigned match per round of the tournament on time. If one team is trying to contact the other team and SubaGames support to organize the match before time expires, they will proceed and the other team will be disqualified. If neither team is active, then both teams will be disqualified and the GM's will use a contingency plan to make sure the ladder operates fairly.

    -After each match is completed, the team leader for each team must return to the Ace Online Tournament page and click on their result of the match. If your team won, you click on the appropriate "Win" button. If your team lost, you click on the appropriate "Loss" button.

    -As team leader, you must verify your team's characters by taking a screenshot of the results of every match, which includes each of your team's gears. This method is also used to verify who won and who lost the match. You are limited only to the 4 team members illustrated in your first sent screenshot. If a team member doesn't show to a scheduled event, you must make do with who shows up or reschedule for another time. If it is the final day within the round's time limit, you must commence your battle with less members. No substitutions are allowed.

    -If there are any disputes between matches over rulings or who won, we encourage both team leaders to send a support ticket to have support and the GM's work together to solve the issue.

    -Each match will consist of a best of 3 formation battles. If your team completely destroys the other team, you win the battle. The first team to 2 out of 3 battle wins and advances to the next round. The Nation Finals will be a best of 5, with the first team to 3 of 5 battle wins will represent their nation.

    -The first and second place teams from each nation per server will battle each other in a Server Finals best of 7 match. The first place teams on each nation will fight each other, while the second place teams on each nation fight each other, in order to establish who finishes in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. These matches will be organized by the GM's. If you are the team leader of one of these teams, you should try to contact the GM's as soon as possible on the forums or at a daily 5:25, as the GM's try to do the same. It is the quickest way to organize all teams to meet within the round time limit.

    Tournament Prizes

    -1st Place Winners: 1 NOX Specialist Headset per player on the team! Product details listed here.

    As well, 3 Hyper Enchant Protects, 2 Prefix and 2 Suffix Super Gambles (for Standard and Advanced Weapons and Armors), 6 Prefix Wipes, 6 Suffix Wipes and 3 Tokens for each player on the team.

    -2nd Place Runner Up: 2 Hyper Enchant Protects, 1 Prefix and 1 Suffix Super Gamble (for Standard and Advanced Weapons and Armors), 3 Prefix Wipes, 3 Suffix Wipes and 2 Tokens for each player on the team.

    -3rd Place Runner Up: 1 Hyper Enchant Protect, 1 Prefix and 1 Suffix Armor Super Gamble, 1 Prefix Wipe, 1 Suffix Wipe and 1 Token for each player on the team.

    Participation Prize
    For every team that does not win a 1-3 place prize, you will receive 1 Weapon Machine Token and 1 Token for each player.

    All prizes will be handed out after the tournament is completed.

    Tournament Dates
    *Please note that these are estimated times. If all matches finish before the given round time is up, the next round will automatically commence. The schedule should reflect all changes once they are made.

    Registration: June 3 12:00 server time - June 19 23:59 server time.

    Round 1: June 20 01:00 server time - June 24 23:59 server time.

    Round 2: June 26 14:00 server time - June 30 23:59 server time.

    Round 3: July 1 00:00 server time - July 7 23:59 server time. (extended times to reflect North American holidays)

    Round 4: July 8 00:00 server time - July 12 23:59 server time. (Nation Finals on Prelude)

    Round 5: July 13 00:00 server time - July 16 23:59 server time. (Nation Finals on Artemis, Server Finals on Prelude)

    Round 6: July 17 14:00 server time - July 21 23:59 server time. (Server Finals on Artemis)

    Does this tournament sound like something you could really get into, but don't have an account with SubaGames? Well, then sign up here and take the first step on your way to aerial combat glory!
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    There's only so much mental stamina / patience a person can have.

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