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Thread: NoFX & his team runs again!

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    Default NoFX & his team runs again!

    NofX & his team rage-quits again! #goonsquadistoolegitproforyou

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    rage quit? is the last round ... -.-

    you probably do not understand the concept

    see a good example:

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    1. I was tired and they were spamming vent.

    2. Removed

    3. I'd like to add that we usually don't have a problem winning you in a scrim, but again - they were spamming vent and fooling around. GG
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    You guys are quite the fishy ones. I just found out I got warned alot so I will not say the h word but I will say this:

    Heavenly Arsenal Chateau King Endorsement Rupture Slope

    That is my enemy's company.

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    Hmm, i've heard of that company. F rating with the Better Business Bureau

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    Some of them need to enter the
    World Outer Gerographical Lecture
    fir tournement

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