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Thread: Fragoria Presents: Rise of Dominions!

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    Default Fragoria Presents: Rise of Dominions!

    Fragoria 4.0: Rise of Dominions

    Starting in June 2011 the "Idols" game will be launched. This is just the beginning of Fragoria's global rebirth!

    Old Slavic stories say that every 100 years the Gods come back to life to help people in their battle for Fragoria. Gods come in form of Idols – Belbog, Veles, Perun, Bereginya and Mother Earth. Each of them increases wealth, health and knowledge of the Dominion. Players are going to join epic battles against hundreds of rivals and gain glory that will last forever.

    Fame and glory await players and Guild members that will conquer and defend Idols for home Dominion. It’s a hard task – attackers prepare a lot of siege weapons, bombs and rams. All citizens of Dominion should stand against enemy to defeat and keep blessing of the Gods.

    Dominions that keep the most Idols will be leading the new game – War of Dominions, that will start in June 2011. And this game will be the key to the ultimate power in world of Fragoria!

    Struggle of Dominions is an epic international PvP-event. Fight alongside with your friends, ascend new warriors and defeat all of your enemies – it’s all brand new Fragoria: Rise of Dominions!

    Enter the game, conquer and win!
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