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Thread: MG - Def/Eva Hybrid

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    holy crap i read all this stuff about mg's and didnt notice the date on it....a def/eva mg? thats a waste .. go full def with MoM fixes and your make it in war for long periods of time.. useless a prc bg comes along and BAM!!!! dead XD

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    I used a pretty nice hybrid build. 117% def 113% eva on a e10 98 armor. Trust me only few AGs pose a threat with those stats, not like they move far away from warps to actually hurt you but yea.
    And being ohkoed? i got ohkod by four bgs two of them were using adrenaline capses the other two dual charms and they managed that only one out of 10 gbms.
    Downsides? you get to have 712 spirit or for the price of 10% eva you can use the 96 engine with 1,5k (the spirit doesnt make such a big difference unless you keep your RE turned on) also you have no attack witch sucks balls big time.
    I actually prefer going full attack: 1k sp, 80 points into def and you can roll 1k's on most bgs ;] i get 104% def with this build

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    Hybrid is a gay build! Cut the BS and go Pure Fuel Build. You can travel anywhere you want to go and not having to worry about fueling


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    How much eva & deff can have hybrid MGs ?

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