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Thread: ACE Online Goes International with Regional Championship

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    Default ACE Online Goes International with Regional Championship

    Conditions for Participation

    All participants must be 13 years of age or older to qualify and participate in the tournament. Employees of SubaGames, as well as members of the ACE Online GM Team, are not allowed to participate.
    A registered account at SubaGames is required for participation in this tournament.
    A personal forum registration is required for participation. You must sign up in the Official Signup Thread during August 12 and September 9, 23:59. Full signup instructions will be posted in that thread.

    After we have reviewed all of the applicants, we will decide the tournament roster and participants in an official competition list thread and post it on September 15.
    Multiple registrations and/or registrations for third parties are not permitted. Registrations made after the previously mentioned time limits and/or registrations which do not fulfill the requirements of these conditions for participation will not be accepted.

    Tournament Play

    The opening rounds will begin on the September 19.
    Participants who face or are currently involved with a serious account suspension in Ace Online and/or in the Ace Online forum between August 12 and the end of the tournament will be disqualified.

    Offences against these conditions for participation and/or offences against the SubaGames general Terms and Conditions – in particular those relating to manipulation of Client Software and/or modifications of any kind to a Gear as well as the use of third-party applications and/or hacks will automatically lead to disqualification and can be punished within the range of the aforementioned terms.

    Matches leading up to the Final 16 will take place on Watermelon Island on the main server. Players are allowed to use all items in their inventory (with the exception of leader items). All matches from the final 16 players on will take place on the Area 525 server. Each player will play with a level 100 version of their gear with preset equipment and skills that may not be altered in any way. Each character will also be given 10 A Type Shield, Energy and SP Kits per match. Players must retain all of the items given until each match begins, and these items cannot carry over into the next match.

    A 1v1 battle match between two players will be created by the ACE Online GM staff. Once matches have been created, teams must participate in their scheduled matches as indicated on the official tournament roster thread. Failure to show up for your scheduled match will result in the immediate disqualification of your character from the tournament.

    The opening rounds will be comprised of matches with the best of three duels moving on to the next round. Once there are 16 players remaining, all matches will be comprised of 5 duels, with the best of 5 duels advancing. When there are only 4 players left, all matches will be determined by the best of 7 duels.

    One or multiple GM’s will be on the server, providing instructions as to how to complete each and every match. They will summon each player to Watermelon Island and represent as a referee in each match; therefore it is your responsibility to follow their instructions. Repeated failure to listen to the GM team’s instructions may result in immediate disqualification from the tournament.

    In the case of an interrupted or broken internet connection, a participant may return once within a 5 minute period. If a return is not possible within this time frame, or if another interruption occurs then the other participant wins.

    Tournament Prize List

    The winners of the tournament will receive the following prizes:

    1st Place: 3 Months Membership, Prefix and Suffix of choice on any weapon (excluding legendary or unique weapons), 1 slot armour of their choice (any tier) on their highest level character, 1 gold + black + pink contour on their highest level character, 50,000 Suba Points.

    2nd Place: 2 Months Membership, Prefix or Suffix of choice on any weapon (excluding legendary or unique weapons) on their highest level character, 1 gold or black or pink contour on their highest level character, 25,000 Suba Points.

    3rd Place: 1 Month Membership, 1 Super Gamble Set, 10,000 Suba Points.

    All active participants in the tournament will receive the following prizes:

    2 Tokens
    2 Weapon Machine Tokens
    5 Day Membership Ticket

    The first place winner will also receive the opportunity to take part at the Ace Online World Championships at G-Star in Busan, South Korea between November 10, 2011 and the November 13, 2011. Travel, as well as hotel accommodation and catering will be included for an estimated value of $3,000 for the winner. Exact details of this aspect of the prize list will be provided by the end of October at the latest.

    The prizes are only valid for the account with which the competition was participated. A transfer to another account as well as a cash payment is not permitted. There is no entitlement to the prizes; recourse to the courts is not permitted.


    With registration for the regional tournament, you accept the terms of these conditions for participation.

    Should certain aspects of these conditions for participation be or become ineffective and/or should they contradict statutory regulations, then as a result of this the effectiveness of the rest of the conditions for participation will not be affected.

    The ineffective condition will be superseded by mutual consent between participants and organisers with a condition which replaces the ineffective condition with one that is as close to the spirit and purpose of the original as is legally effective. The aforementioned ruling equally applies to loopholes.

    To be able to represent North America in the World ACE Online tournament, you must be a permanent resident of Canada or the United States of America. You must be 18 years of age or older. If you win the first or second place prize and fail to meet the aforementioned requirements, your account will retain the virtual prizes and the opportunity to travel to Busan, South Korea will be provided the next capable player in line. This is determined by final placement in the tournament, with 3rd place retaining first rights to being an alternative representative, followed by 4th place, et cetera.

    Participation prizes will be given to all players that complete at least one tournament match. Players who are accepted by the GM and put into the competition list but fail to participate will not receive said prizes.

    I hereby agree, that SubaGames can publish photographs, in which I can be seen, as well as my name on SubaGames internet sites and on SubaGames Facebook pages. For this, I concede to SubaGames usage rights without time limitation, without exclusivity and without notification of revocation via email address at any time.

    *Amendment (28/08/2011): Any player who was banned due to a Ban Hammer Roulette event on the forums may participate in this tournament by submitting information via SubaGames Support ticket or by contacting a GM with registration information.
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    There's only so much mental stamina / patience a person can have.

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