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Thread: Please Read: General rules to follow in games

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    These rules are written in hopes that all gamers in the community will do their best to respect each other and show good sportsmanship for all of our competitive games. Let's promote a fun and friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

    Please note that by participation within the SubaGames portal, you are deemed to have accepted the following rules and additionally the Terms and Conditions.


    Do not use character names to impersonate other players or GMs. Remember that GMs will never ask for your account information or personal information.

    Do not create character names that would insult other cultures, religions, race, gender, or groups.


    Treat each other with the same amount of respect you expect for yourself to be treated. If that expectation of respect is low, you should still value others opinions, beliefs and values.

    Be kind to new players and offer assistance when appropriate. Random acts of kindness pay off in the future, especially if a GM is feeling generous that day!

    Threats or extortion will not be tolerated. If you are a victim to any such abuse, please send unaltered screenshots to customer support. Distasteful acts may result in game account suspension, or system wide suspension, lasting from one week, or as long as a lifetime.

    Setting up Private Shops

    Please avoid setting up private shops on locations in any games where you may cause inconvenience to other players. Do not set up shop in front of NPCs causing other players to click on you or blocking functions in-game needed by others. Players doing this will either be moved or logged out of the game.

    Avoid using other languages other than English when giving a name to your private shop. If you are discovered or another player reports you for an inappropriate name, you may be subject to a account suspension.

    Bugs and exploits

    If you know of a bug or exploit in the game, then please report it as soon as possible to customer support or GMs. Using bugs to your advantage, especially those that would give you a competitive advantage over others will result in immediate account bans.

    Bots and hacking

    The use of any programs for bots, hacks or cheating is prohibited. Do not use any such programs that break the rules set by the game for your advantage or even for testing. Report programs you find right away to customer support. Do not ever try to download them yourself as you may also expose your own computer to Internet attacks.

    Game Items

    GMs will not help players to hold their items for any reason including transferring items from one account to another. Transfer items with other players at your own risk. GMs and customer support will not restore items mistakenly traded to others.
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