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Thread: ICOG Draft Saturday

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    Cool ICOG Draft Saturday

    There will be an ICOG Draft Event this Saturday at 8PM est 12/3/11.

    Also, a friendly reminder, you do need Anti-Cheat in order to participate in ICOG Events. Please download the Anti-Cheat from the following link:
    And be sure you're registered with ICOG, you may register at the following link:

    Thank you:
    ICOG Trever
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    Quote Originally Posted by ICogTrever View Post
    There will be an ICOG Draft Event this Saturday at 8PM est 12/3/11.
    lease download the Anti-Cheat from the following link:
    that link does not direct you to a download link, and the anti-cheat is not available for download on your "downloads" page as instructed on the page you're linking to above.

    am i wrong?

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    that being said, pls get it up! your site is using Joomla so it's super easy ^^

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    Sorry, heres the actual download link, when you open it, it'll automatically start downloading

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    it is from combat arms? i cant run it, i says there are no combat arms, and then that get closed

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    @ Hekiwy: Technically, you are unable to utilize the anti-cheat because it is currently set to monitor Combat Arms at this time due to our Combat Arms: Capture the Flag matches. The anti-cheat will be set to M.A.T when the season begins early February. There is absolutely NO reason to utilize the anti-cheat for any other games at this time, per policy.

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    When is the next draft going to take place? I believe it's been 1 months since the last draft. =/

    Even, with how disorganized it is, I really had fun participating in each draft. This is not to complain on the draft.

    Could you please set up a draft this week or the following week?

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