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Thread: Sound Problems

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    Default sound issues

    Recent patch appears to have fixed this issue. Before, you have to either re-equip advanced weapon or reload from supply shop in the map. Works fine. Although, there are sporadic bursts of loud engine boost, I would agree with iDenarous that it's most likely caused by using the alt+tab, or even the windows key

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    Default Sound bug

    Hi there :)
    I have same bug, I cannot hear booster speed, but I can hear weapons sound.
    What is strange, when I turn on booster, I cannot hear them either.
    And same is missile warning alert.
    I had quite used to this sounds and without them its not the same...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raptor0348 View Post
    This isn't exactly a major catastrophic error, but it is rather annoying.

    1. there is no missle firing sound effect
    2. the standard fire goes from mute to loud to mute alternating after each wave of fire.
    3. the booster is very loud
    4. there is no missle or standard fire HIT sound effect.

    I use Realtek HD audio (built into my motherboard i dont know exact specs) and a logitech USB headset.
    OS Vista ultimate SP 2
    What motherboard do you use(make and model)?
    i had that problem before on windows 7/10 long ago, then i got myself an ASUS Xonar DX, the sound card corrects the sound glitch
    with a more recent motherboard with a recent sound card i think that should correct the glitch, it's more like a directX sound glitch.

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    Default Sound bug

    I have ASUS maximus III formula and some VIA pcie hd audio card (I couldn't find drivers for it, but i get it working after some time ). As you said, it could be directX problem, i'll try to reinstal directX and see, if this bug remains...

    Thanks for help

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    Default Sound problems

    So, I had reinstalled DX11 and nothing changed... I guess that I have to learn playing without booster and missile alarm songs then... Anyway, thanks for help.

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    Default Problem solved :)

    Finally got it working
    Problem was in audio driver. It seemed as it is somehow working, but it hasn't. I reinstalled Audio driver and now I can hear everything needed for playing Ace Online.

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