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Thread: ICOG Draft PUG Event

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    Cool ICOG Draft PUG Event

    Hello everyone,

    This Friday, 12/30/2011 @8PM est, we're hosting a PUG Draft Event. What is a PUG Event? Well, a PUG Event is an event where you practice for the actual draft itself. All of the rules from a normal draft still apply, BUT, there is NO prize for the winners in this event. This event is for anyone who wants to have fun, meet new players interested in competitive gaming, and that want to have a real practice. As I said before, all of the rules from a normal draft still apply.

    The event once again is being held THIS FRIDAY, 12/30/2011 @8PM est.

    Thank you,
    ICog Trever

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    4-5 hours of playing with spanish speakers? no thank you sir!

    plus... i don't roll on Shabbos


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    Not all of them speak spanish, some speak english too. Plus, you can have fun at it while still being fair.

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    Pug - Pick up game

    How is this a pick-up game? A pick-up game wouldn't be scheduled and people don't choose teams, they join whichever team needs slots. Not only that, but pick-up games often require communication through Ventrilo, something most people don't do. Good luck "running" this "event" though.

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