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    give me a rundown of the best competitive teams in the game please
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    It depends on what you're talking about.

    If you're looking for the teams that "win" in the weekly standings, all you have to do is check out the clan leaderboard on the MAT site. It might seem retarded for me to bring this up, but there are flaws in the clan war system that typically allow benefits to very large clans. I'll forego the long explanation, and just leave it at that.

    If you mean competitive as I think you mean it....well then there is Code Gears, ReDefined, and Devil's Rejects, to name just 3. There are others that are good, but don't clan war as much, if at all. Out of the 3 mentioned, you'd probably have the easiest time getting recruited by DR; simply because, as I understand it, Code Gears and ReDefined are by invite only.

    There is also another competitive side to the game, if you like ghost mode. There are clans out there that do nothing in clan war but play ghost mode, and there are some good ones. If you're interested in this mode of play, then the clan Looney Toonz comes to mind. There are others as well.

    You'll probably have the easiest time just getting into pub bomb matches and playing with some of the more competitive players in the game. You'll meet and see some of the clans mentioned and others as well, and you'll get a feel for what you're looking for in a clan (and vice versa).

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    Never would I ever join any of these teams.

    Also, you need a clue as to what a 'competitive' team is.
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    Ok then. That's fine, and I don't particularly care what clan you join.

    You asked a question, and I gave the best answer I could. I know perfectly well what a 'competitive' team is, as I have been on several. If you don't think that, for example, ReDefined is a competitive team (at least on MAT terms)....well then you're just clueless.

    See, in MAT clan warring is essentially the competitive least, right now. There are occasionally drafts, and apparently the ICOG season is a bust. So, I think I answered your question spot on.

    Last but not least, if you know what teams you DON'T want to seems that you'd have a clue as to what teams/clans you DO. AMIRITE breh?


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