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Thread: Eva build for I gear become that useless !!

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    DONgoesBG: 110 Bg BCU
    DonVISIONe: 98 IG BCU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kizzy97 View Post
    not recommanded build Nowaday................ my self as a experience of 96ig .. is enchant 13 eva to ur HP and SHield Armor R type. and then full attack . by this level u should be able to have 245 evasion.. by 110 u should have full 300 that mean in the end u got both of them max out
    Oh how things have changed since 2012

    happy to help thread rise again Don...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AceC3 View Post
    if the prob is +200% how can eva buid survive that
    you gotta learn how to pilot you're gear as an iger. I'm just using one armor etype around 12K hp not a survival fix and 340 attact most of the time.

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