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Thread: Leveling Multiple 3x-7x

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    Default Leveling Multiple 3x-7x

    I'll update over time, but currently my three brothers and I are leveling. We are typically found on Awell due to better connection, although we could be on Valento as well.

    Player 1 (Myself):
    Foreman (71 PS)
    Teamplayer (59 PRS)
    Illyria (45 PRS)
    -Old retired Sparkmech (80) I'm waiting to respec next time Event Girl is around

    Player 2:
    Adamx (~60 FS)
    Adamxx (~4x KS)

    Player 3:
    Andrewx (70 MS)
    ElementalistX (43 MGS)

    Player 4:
    Zivylin (55 KS)
    Rygan (41 FS)
    Arygon (36 MGS)

    We have other characters as well, will add others when we gain them higher.

    The time we are on varies, during the week I am on a lot more than them. On weekends they will probably be on more often.

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    I'll try to msg either of you guys from either Zaniph or PriestessOfHell

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    What server do you mostly play on, Awell or Valento?? that way i'm not hopping from one to the other every time I get on lol

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    Add me my IGN is roobeN, I'm always on valento. Playing in CET time zone ( aka GMT+2 ). Pike 3x.

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