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Thread: Mission Against Terror: Calculation Toolbox [Work in Progress]

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    Talking Mission Against Terror: Calculation Toolbox [Work in Progress]

    Hello, Suba Games Community

    I'm just posting this thread because I thought I'd show off my Mission Against Terror: Calculation Toolbox application being built with Visual Studio 2011. I'd also want a Game Master's opinion if it's not considered a 'expliot' or something else for what ever reason, just wanna be safe & don't want to get banned.

    What does this application do?
    What it does, is pretty self-explanatory. It's a application that calculates how many games are needed to be played before you're character will level up it's base level/rank & competitor level/rank. All I've done is recorded each game I've played in Ghost Mode and compared them and calculated how the character gains his/her experience, for example: With a Level 3 Honour Card equipped the character should receive an estimated 990 EXP for each kill/death in Ghost Mode. I'm not absolutely positive that this is how the actual experience gains work, but it's my current conclusion.

    Does this application even work?
    Of course it does, as you will see in the images below.

    Step #1: Input you're characters name.

    Step #2: Input you're characters details.

    Step #3: Review you're needed games until level up.
    Note: Ghost Mode is only functional right now, with a Level 3 Honour Card equipped.

    I hope this looks interesting and If I'm violating any rule(s) or regulation(s) by creating this application.
    Please Personal Message me immediately as I play Mission Against Terror frequently, and would not really enjoy getting banned.

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    it wouldnt be, its just a calculator it doesnt in anyway affect your gameplay

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    That is really cool, have you completed yet and is there a download link so I could try it?
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