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Thread: Tanner profession problem. *New Player*

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    Default Tanner profession problem. *New Player*

    Hi, I'm new to this site and this game. I recently got my very first profession ever, Which happens to be tanner. Now I bought a 'Knife for Taking Off Leathers'.

    I used the mini map to find areas or mobs of animals where I'm "Able to skin".
    I will kill plenty of animals and every time I try to skin them (I moved the knife icon to a skill hotkey, 8)
    It will give me something like; 'In order to use the tool, you need to find a corresponding resource it extracts.'

    Any bit of feedback and information would be useful, Thanks!

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    I actually ran into someone into the game who actually was a tanner and asked them. They helped me out dearly so for future refrences for anyone who needs this help I shall post it here.

    On the mini map you should find some imagies of wolves. Those Imagies mark places where you can get your tanner items from.
    What you have to do is to already have a Knife for Taking Off Leathers, and of course the profession; Tanner. (Which can be bought by the tanner and beastmaster guy.)

    Then what you will have to do is attack mobs in that area of the imagie on the mini map.

    -For players who first start tanning there's a good spot below fragoville, just to the south-east of fragoville's gate.
    You should find low level wolf cubs about level 8 or so. Kill them and eventually it will drop you resourses. You will also notice that you will gain a level from doing it.

    I hope this was helpful for any of the future beginner players with this same problem.
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