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Thread: Design your own contour contest!!! II

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    Default Design your own contour contest!!! II

    Greetings ACE Online players,

    We are pleased to announce another round of the contour design contest! The rules and regulations are very similar to the previous contest, with the exception that this time, the winning contours will be made Cash Shop. Here is a revised version of the rules:

    -4 armors will be chosen, you can pick ANY EXISTING ARMOR IN THE GAME. WP armors, regular shop armors, Slot armors.

    -The winners will be given a free version of their armor and everyone else will either have to spend Suba points.

    -No remodeling is allowed, you can change the textures, the colors, but not the model. You can even photoshop it if you want to.

    -I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    -Please submit entries in an another thread.

    Deadline for submission is Oct 5,
    Good Luck everyone!
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