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Thread: I need help with adv. weapon for IG

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    yes ace arrows would be ok, i've never tried them though tbh
    another option and a much cheaper option would be the much forgotten hammer heads, minmax or ra with the extra prob they give plus they carry much more ammo than arrows, twice as much i think. i forgot about the hh's because i haven't ground in a while.
    enrils will work also but you are still in arrow territory with the lack of prob and they are expensive.

    build stuff like this-

    prob armor
    prob speed adv weapon (normally e5-e6 on speed, rest prob)
    prob ra std weapon

    pierce minmax armor
    pierce ra adv weapon (possibly some speed too depending on the weapon)
    pierce ra std weapon

    for high evasion mg's you can swap the armors around to suit.

    i use these for grinding-
    minmax exp v1 fox
    ra arrows
    minmax hammer heads
    ra hammer heads
    ra minmax jins

    also if you are gonna go with arrows/enrils for grinding and you want the extra prob, fix them with ra (you could get around -30% if your lucky from 2 fixes) and enchant on prob (27% @ e10)
    if you do it the other way round you would end up with 30% prob from the fixes and only -20% ra from e10 enchants.

    these are just my opinions, hope this helps a little.

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    Ok i buy Ace Arrows and when this weapon isnt good for grind, i create or buy other adv. weapon.

    Thanks for help (=

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    There's a pretty decent thread in the stickies...
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    What weapon made ?

    97 lvl Arrow e6 speed rest prob / e6 speed rest prob leg Arrow or Enril 96 lvl e5 speed rest prob ?

    97 lvl Arrow e6 speed rest prob : 122,45 prob ( with 300 attack points, armor fix 15 % and skill 27,45 %) DMG with only Frenzy : 1244-1664
    Speed e6 : 571 m/s

    45 lvl leg Arrow e6 speed rest prob : 132,45 ( with 300 attack points, armor fix 15 % and skill 27,45 %) DMG with only Frenzy : 1128-1512
    Speed e6 : 612m/s

    96 lvl Enril e5 speed rest prob : 117,45 ( with 300 attack points, armor fix 15 % and skill 27,45 %) DMG with only Frenzy : 1380-1848
    Speed e5 / e6 : 585 m/s / 612m/s

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