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    Default war supply box

    can someone tell me the whole story of war supply box? what drops, what are the chances of drops..i want to know all the items that drop from it, every name of armors or...u know...thx

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    stupid capsules (Ice, Mystery)
    Mini stealth's
    fragments (with 10 you can make one new war suply box)

    and WP x8 armors

    my rate do drop one WP armor is 10k~20k wp buying war suply boxes...

    IGear x8 WP armor: Lance binder
    MGear x8 WP armor: Harrier defender
    BGear x8 WP armor: Valkyrie veil
    AGear x8 WP armor: dont remember...

    that WP x8 armors is likely one slot but with less "power" (1% less eva/deff, 200 less life)
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    You always get a 48 R type clean armor.
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    thx guys ))

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