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Thread: Friday night mothafuggas!!

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    Default Friday night mothafuggas!!

    Playing that Ace all night long amirite or amirite?!

    Autism Combat Extreme

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    Gotta get down on friday....

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    You're welcome. Time to be the cool kid I am and go get wasted...


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    your wrong ,agroing hight level nubs that are grinding is a lost Art my frend.

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    Bob... i ****ing hate and love you....

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    Default Black Friday

    When it comes to making stylish speakers, JBL is one of the first names that comes to mind. Their portable speaker, the Pulse has been the perfect example of that. With colourful LEDs embedded around its cylindrical body, it wasn’t just meant to be an exceptional speaker, but also eye-candy. Now, we have the Pulse 2, a bigger, even flashier speaker. It has more power in terms of audio and a lot more lighting features to play around with. It’s priced at just under Rs. 15,000. Let’s find out if it performs as good as it looks.

    It looks like all of JBL’s next generation Bluetooth speakers are getting bigger in size. We’ve reviewed the Flip 3 and Charge 2, which were both bigger than their predecessors. The Pulse 2 black friday deals is no exception. In fact, the Pulse 2 is remarkably bigger than previous variant and other portable speakers from JBL. It measures 194mm in width and also weighs about 775g, making it a lot less handy than the previous Pulse. To give you a better idea, the speaker fits right between the JBL Xtreme and Charge 2+. You can hold and carry the speaker in one hand, but it won’t be easy, especially if you have small hands. Don’t be surprised either if the Pulse 2 ends up taking all the space in your hand bag.

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