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    Default How to guides

    There needs to be some type of how to guides for things like,

    How do you get a bounty key?

    How do you get a Duty Streak key?

    How do you get a Fire and Ice key?

    How do you convert SP to Gold?

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    O.O ~
    bounty key is in the shop in-game, just search up key and it should pop up, or go into the items section and look for it there;
    duty streak can only be obtained from the system, unless it is put back into the shop;
    fire and ice key(s) are/is obtained from the dragon packs, normal/hero not a very good chance (2 keys), hard 100% chance (1 key);
    convert SP-to-Gold, you'll need subapoints first (you can get by buying it or trying to get free sp from free offers under "Suba Bank"), then under "Suba Shop" you choose the game you want it for (not that many) and convert whatever amount you want

    ~ pretty much it ~

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    Why do I need an M82 to play Fire and Ice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OlosofNeab View Post
    Why do I need an M82 to play Fire and Ice?
    You don't but it'll surely increase your chance of winning.
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    You need M82(for DH) since it is OP. If you're gold user, get it one from item shop now while it is still there.
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