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    Default Class Guide Event - Atalanta

    Priston Tale Events: Class Guide
    In order to get new players familiar with the game, we will like to propose a contest for all current Priston Tale players. The object of this goal is to create a class guide for new players to enjoy. Using all the new guides that being submitted, we will create an index linking to each of the class guides. For each class guide, please create a new thread and post a URL linking to the class guide submission.

    Scoring System
    As a judge, we will not base our score on how good the build is for each class. Instead, the scoring system will be base on the organization and presentations of each guide. This means the guides can include the use of images and videos, as well as any other tools you can provide to make it friendlier.

    To give every players a fair chance at writing a guide, we will create a schedule and deadline for each class so that each player will have time to play and submit a guide for each class. The allocated time given for each individual class is 2 weeks.

    The deadlines are as following:
    • Fighter – Jan 28
    • Mechanic – Feb 11
    • Archer – Feb 25
    • Pikeman – Mar 11
    • Atalanta – Mar 25
    • Knight – Apr 8
    • Magician – Apr 22
    • Priestess – May 6

    Individual Class Guide Rewards
    • Fighter: FS Fury Axe +10 (Lv/1)
    • Mechanician: MS Phoenix Hammer +10 (Lv/1) or MS Heretic Talon +10 (Lv/1)
    • Archer: AS Cronus Bow +10 (Lv/1)
    • Pikeman: PS Phoenix Spear +10 (Lv/1)
    • Atalanta: AtS Cronus Javelin +10 (Lv/1)
    • Knight: KS Tribing Sword +10 (Lv/1) or KS Legend Sword +10 (Lv/1)
    • Magician: MgS Freyja Staff +10 (Lv/1) or MgS Freyja Wand +10 (Lv/1)
    • Priestess: PrS Freyja Staff +10 (Lv/1) or PrS Freyja Wand +10 (Lv/1)

    Overall Best Guide Reward
    Only one winner will be rewarded with all of the following:
    • Cronus Armor +10 or Freyja Robe +10
    • Cronus Bracelet +10
    • Cronus Shield +10 or Freyja Orb +10
    • Cronus Gauntlets +10
    • Cronus Boots +10

    List may be updated for more selection.

    Number of Winners
    There is a max of three winners per class guide, where each participant is only allowed to win rewards from 2 categories. If you are submitting multiple guides, please let us know which class guide you want the reward for.

    Discussion of event is located at the following link:

    Only post link to Atalanta guide here.

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