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    Default Junrey's Pikeman Guide - event

    II. Class overview
    III.Starting up
    IV. Skills Description and Build
    V. Stat Formula and Build
    VII. Leveling Guide
    VIII.Quest Guide
    IX. Pvp guide


    if you are looking for an assissin or ninja type of character then you will enjoy pikeman. Not only that, a very versatile and all around class . That’s why they comprised the majority of Pristontale population. This guide will provide you not only the build but also gameplay you should take to hasten leveling-up your pike and most of all, enjoy your journey in Pristonland.

    Here’s my old video clip for an overview of Priston Land

    Pike is equiped with so many abilities a character need to survive and dominate pristonland. Primarily like tanking ability from evasion, weapon block, high HP. Powerful area of effect skill for fast leveling. Can vanish not only to scape but also to surprice an enemy with double the power hit. Can kill anyone in PVP.

    Good HP formula: .8 hp in every stregnth stat same with fighter. The rest is just .6 and .3.
    Powerful AoE: killing moves surrounding you
    Tanker - has high evasion skill and passive weapon block increase
    Vanish - can hide, escape or make a surprice hit with double the power blow.
    PvP kickass - vanish then cs can 1hit even the class which level is higher than you.
    Fast to level up - in early ,mid and late stage of the game.
    Can carry more items - str type = high weight limit.

    Most expensive specialization of item - since the pikeman is the most played class ,the demand is high but the supply is low.
    Low Damage per second rate on 1v1 basis - primary spammable skill can only upgrade up to lv5 without delay compare to other meelee class which is up to Lv10.
    Only effective with spear or scythe class of weapon

    Low atk rating or accuracy - no skill or buff with boost atk rating, expect misses on monster with high defense.


    Tempskrons' Town - Ricarten

    Inventor – Warpgate NPC, bring the needed monster crystal to make a wing and open warpgate going to other maps by teleportation.


    A. Chatbox and color code
    white - from everyone near you
    yellow - clan chat
    green - party chat
    sky blue - trade shout, can be sent all over the current map
    blue- private message
    violet - serverwide notice, either from GM or server client

    B. Green bar - stamina/stm , decreases when running and casting skill
    C. Red - life/hp , decreased when hit by mobs
    D. Blue - mana/mp , decreased when casting skills or sucked by monster like succubus, incubus summoner , chaos cara ,etc.

    E. Left click slot - default to normal hit.can place some active skill like Jumping Crash and Critical Hit

    F. Right click slot , can place all active skills , auto skill by targeting a mobs and hold Right click or hover to mobs then Shift + right click
    G. Skill cooldown ,
    H. Experience/EXP - BY % AND bar
    I. Potion Slot , hotkeys = 1, 2, 3
    J. Run/walk
    K. camera view. (auto/manual/lock) I’m comfortable with manual,
    L. Windows
    M. Mini map
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    X – system
    V – inventory (E for 2nd page, W for secondary gear slot)
    R – run/walk
    S – skill
    D – Party/Clan/Friends window
    Q – quest
    M – Full Map
    Tab – view or hide mini map
    A – view tags of item from ground to easily see pick the drop.
    Z – manual/locked/auto camera view
    CTRL + HOME = screenshot with timestamp
    CTRL + END = high quality bitmap format screenshot
    Shift + Esc = quit
    F1-F8 – skill shortcuts (assign active skills for fast casting; hover to skill, hold right click then press desired key)
    F11 – hide user interface

    /; = Private message e.g /;xyrei can I have golds plzz?? Q_Q
    //party = send party for person not in your screen e.g //party xyrei
    /camera_wave_off = disable shaking of screen from Magician’s skill Meteorite or from mobs like Kelvezu
    /disable_whisper = no one can send you private message , enable_whisper to revert


    Skills List

    Skill Description

    Skill Build

    Tier II
    Prioritize Weapon Defence Mastery, then Tornado.
    Why Defensive skill first?
    Defense plays a big role for fast leveling, it lessen the damage = less time of using potions = continuous attack = fast kill.
    Also lessen the chance of dying = no EXP loss.
    Since Pikeman has very low MANA pool, you cant cast active skill most of the time.
    Be reminded that every uprgrade of ACTIVE skill of tier1 to tier3 , the maturation gauge will back to half. To mature at once, save the skill points first until you have enough for the target level of upgrade.

    Tier III
    Upgrade Critical mastery once you complete Lv10 WDM , Lv5 Tornado.
    Chain Lancer after you complete Lv10 Critical Mastery then Vanish.
    The rest is your choice between Ice Attribute and Ground Pike. Ice attribute for me since you will be facing most of the time the Revived Priestess with frost attack In Endless Tower 2 the grinding map for lvl100 above, same with hunting the boss Valento, also for PVP against Priestess, Pike and Atalanta’s Frost type skills.

    Tier IV
    Prioritize upgrading Vague to lvl10 for evasion. Again, defense first.
    After Vague will be Charging Strike then Assassin’s Eye.

    To sum it up,
    WDM – 10
    Tornado – 5
    Critical Mastery – 10
    Chain Lancer – 6
    Vanish - 10
    Ice attribute – 10
    Ground Pike – the rest

    Vague – 10
    Charging Strike – 10
    Assassin’s Eye - 10
    Shadow Mastery – The rest

    For my 110 Pikeman I got,
    WDM – 10
    Tornado – 5
    Critical mastery – 10
    Chain Lancer – 5 (for no delay on 105 and 108 items)
    Ice Attribute - 9
    The rest is only LVL 1

    Vague – 10
    Charging Strike – 10
    Assassin’s Eye – 6
    Shadow Mastery - none


    Pikeman Stat Formula
    Str: 130 str = 100% weapon damage boost
    1 str = .8 HP
    40 Str = 1 ABS
    1 STR = 2 weight limit

    Talent: 1 talent = 1.5 atk rating
    40 talent = 1 ABS
    1 Talent = .25 defence rate

    Agility: 1 Agility = 3.1 Atk rating
    1 Agility = .5 Defence rating

    Spirit: 1 Sprt = 2.2 Mana Points

    Health: 1health = 2.4 HP

    str – rest
    talent - 90
    agi - highest on boots required (68-77 on 80d and below items)
    spr- 64-68 for Pikeman Spec. murky and 56-60 if you have valento rings and Kelve amulet
    health - base

    Training Maps

    There is also SoD inside Ricarten, try them as well. Depending on your gears, experiment if it gives you more EXP than normal map grinding. Be sure to carry lots of Mana
    As well as Ghost Castle than can enter once a day . must with another 2 different class in your party. Gives lots of reward EXP and precious items.

    Found in Refuge of Ancient
    area of Grave of ancient in Full map (press M )
    talk to NPC named Stella
    Level bracket of party mates in ghost castle
    Lvover 106

    Detailed info Here -
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    Oppss I’m not providing quest guide, go figure them out as it is adding thrill on this grinding- based-game. There are only few so better pass them on your own. Here’s some available reference

    Priston Tale game guide & information - Rank up quest - Sidequests for bonus stat and skill points. Daily quest for EXP.


    Pure PVP build:
    Same with grinding build but the stat allocated for Tornado will be used in Ground Pike

    WDM - 10
    Ground Pike – 6 (6 no delay)
    Vanish - 10
    Critical Mastery - 10
    CL – 5
    Ice attribute – 10

    Vague – 10
    Charging strike – 10
    Assassins Eye –the rest
    Shadow Master – after Assassin’s Eye

    Alternative pure PVP build

    Jumping Crash – 10
    WDM – 10
    Critical Mastery – 10
    Vanish – 10
    Ground Pike – 6
    Ice Attribute – 10
    Chain Lancer – the rest

    Vague – 10
    Shadow Mastery – 10
    Assassins’ Eye – the rest
    Charging strike – 1

    Vanish then put Assassin’s eye (if without Phoenix Pet) then Jumping Crash the target ,
    if still alive, Ground Pike then Shadow Mastery .
    if still alive, erhmagerdddd! it’s a hackuuuuuuurrrrrr . run for your life!..

    the end... thnx for reading
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